A Flight School conveniently located at Tipton Airport, between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C., 1World Aero should be your first choice for quality Flight Instruction and Aircraft Rental.  Aviators Welcome!


PROGRESS - Our greatest concerns are student progression, client proficiency, and operational safety.  We are proud of the reputation we have built for professionalism and performance.  Students benefit from learning from highly committed, highly experienced, flight instructors, while using our very own in-house syllabus and e-textbook to maximize structured progress.


PLANES - 1World Aero has been providng flight training services at Tipton Airport since 2003, and maintains a fleet of EADS-Socata TB series aircraft for primary training, and a Piper Arrow for advanced training and rental, allowing students to complete all ratings up to the Commercial and Flight Instructor level.  


PEOPLE - As a mid-size operator we invest in renter-pilot mentoring, and in fostering a friendly flightclub-like atmosphere where graduates can make lifelong pilot freinds to share flying expenses and experiences with.  1World Aero further facilitates the formation of aircraft partnerships for both students and graduates, making aircraft ownership a reality for our clients.


EXPANSION - 1World Aero is always in search of new partners to leaseback capable, popular aircraft, training platforms.  Please contact us to see how leasing back your own aircraft can offset your ownership expenses, and keep your valued asset running in peak condition.  



1World Aero discounts any rental time exceeding two flight hours per month by 10%!  We believe in rewarding loyalty, and further discount continuous renters and all clients who have completed in-house ratings. 



Michael Solpietro - IFR 2018

Tom Falk - CFI 2017

Kathleen O'Neil - Commercial 2017

Kevin Leikin - PPL 2017

James Crawford - PPL 2017

Riley Kloser - PPL 2017

Tom Neuberth - PPL 2017

Michael Soepnel - PPL 2016

Jim Grieshaber - CFI 2016

Jonas Elmerraji - CFI 2016





1World Aero now has its own 550 page full color Private Pilot Flight Training Manual, downloadable to students from within our Documents Page.  The 1WA FTM provides company syllabus, SOP, study questions, and text chapters with illustration and diagrams, that supplement FAA textbooks. The FTM guides all of our training from day one to the PPL check ride.