• Located between Baltimore and Washington DC.


  • Operating since 2003.


  • Flight Training for Private through ATP Airplane Single and Multi-engine Licenses and Ratings.


  • Structured syllabus and course work promoting professional aviation industry standards.


  • Fulltime Career Flight Instructor Core. 


  • Hybrid Analog/Glass Reftrofit instrumentation standard to all aircraft.


  • 3 Aircraft.  Mid-size fleet fostering close knit, inclusive team atmosphere with limited availability.  20 Training slots.  10 Renter slots.  8 Co-owner Slots. 


  • Ongoing graduate mentoring, flight coaching, and support.  Proactive selection of client pool.


  • Fleet aircraft partnership ownership opportunities.




If you like what you see, please review our FAQ Page and fill out the Intake Questionnaire found in the Contact Us Page.  Thank you for your Interest!


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1World Aero discounts any rental time exceeding two flight hours per month by 5%!  We believe in rewarding loyalty, and further discount continuous renters and all clients who have completed in-house ratings. 



Make the dream of aircraft ownership a reality.  From basic trainer to multi-engine, please contact us to see how a share in our fleet leaseback partnerships can provide you with improved aircraft availability, reduced training and operating costs, and ownership risk-sharing.


Justin Schauble - PPL 2022

Feliks Gmitruk -ME CPL 2022

Kathleen O'Neil - CFII 2022

Zachary Williams - IFR 2022

Eli Vilschick - ME CPL 2021

Arthur Cox - IFR 2021

David Wacker -ME CPL 2021

Luke Delisio - ME CPL 2021

Greg Horst - PPL 2021

Dave Robertson - IFR 2021

Michael Solpietro - CPL 2021

Michael Maloney - PPL 2020

Jason Stalter - ME CPL 2020

Arthur Cox - PPL 2020

Michael Soepnel - IFR 2020

Edward Woodruff - PPL -2020

Benjamin Montgomery - CPL 2020

Timothy Wasseige - PPL 2019

Christopher Lee - CPL 2019

Wilfredo Lopez - PPL 2018

Adam Moore - PPL 2018

Zachary Williams - PPL 2018

Sofia Trueba - PPL 2018

Daniel Sangaree - PPL 2018

Noah Vilceus - PPL 2018

Michael Solpietro - IFR 2018

Tom Falk - CFII 2018






We have recently partnered with to contribute to Carbon Offset projects here and abroad aimed to neutralize 120 Metric Tonnes of C02 Annually.  



1World Aero now has its own 550 page full color Private Pilot Flight Training Manual, downloadable to students from within our Documents Page.  The 1WA FTM provides company syllabus, SOP, study questions, and text chapters with illustration and diagrams, that supplement FAA textbooks. The FTM guides all of our training from day one to the PPL check ride.   



Our latest COVID 19 POLICY revision is available on our Resources Page 


Ask us how 1World Aero is a Carbon Neutral Flight School.