GETTING STARTED - Obtaining a Private Pilot certificate is in many ways a life changing event leading the way to numerous possibilities and an endless supply of life long memories.  The Private Pilot Certificate:


  • Allows pilots to get away from it all and fly in good weather on their own schedule,


  • Stay better connected with friends and family,


  • Stay better connected with clients and work projects,


  • Make personal contributions as volunteer pilots for organizations like Angel Flight and Pet Rescue,


  • Complete the first step on the path to a Multi-Instrument Commercial for those who want to pursue a career as Professional Pilots.


DEMO FLIGHT LESSON -  If you have been considering beginning flight training but don't know where to start, then sign up today for a Demo Flight Lesson in our Piper Warrior trainer.  The lesson provides:


  • A two and a half hour block of time, including 45 minutes from engine start to stop with 30 minutes in the air, as well as all standard safety checks.


  • Ground time for cockpit orientation, preflight aircraft safety inspection, and post-flight debriefing. 


  • A hands on client experience for the bulk of time from start to shut down.


  • A comprehensive insight into the training process and to light airplane flight for a single prospective student. 


  • An opportunity for the prospect to see if they have good chemistry with their proposed flight instructor.


  • By regulation Demo Flight Lessons are limited to a single prospective student passenger.


  • This Lesson is only offered once prospects have completed our Intake Questionnaire via the contact page.  The cost of a Demo Flight Lesson is $275.  



  • Please look over the links at the top right of the page for more information on the training courses we offer!


TOUR FLIGHT - For clients looking to offer a Gift experience for someone else, we highly recommend our one hour Sight Seeing Flight of Annapolis, Baltimore Harbor, Kent Island, and the Bay Bridge for up to three people during a 90 minute block in our faster and more powerful Piper Arrow for $325. 


DISCOVERY FLIGHT WITH AN INSTRUCTOR - This itinerary is offered when the flight is requested as a Gift on the part of someone who is not the prospective student.  (The prospect has not filled out the Intake Questionnaire and contacted us of their own initiative.) At purchaser's request, the recipient rides in the left pilot seat and is able to come onto the controls during cruise in the presence of a Flight Instructor.  The instructor will describe what they are doing from start up to shut down.  Like a Demo Flight Lesson, no other passengers are permitted, but unlike a Demo Flight Lesson, the client will not participate in preflight of the airplane, nor be given a thorough orientation of the cockpit.  Like the Demo Flight Lesson, the flight is 20 minutes shorter than the TOUR FLIGHT.  We set aside a 90 minute Block with clients for this Discovery Flight in our Piper Warrior trainer for $300.   If the recipient wishes to explore flight training further, a follow up Demo Flight Lesson may be scheduled by that client.




























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