GETTING STARTED - Obtaining a Private Pilot certificate is in many ways a life changing event leading the way to numerous possibilities and an endless supply of life long memories.  The Private Pilot Certificate:


  • Allows pilots to get away from it all and fly in good weather on their own schedule,


  • Stay better connected with friends and family,


  • Stay better connected with clients and work projects,


  • Make personal contributions as volunteer pilots for organizations like Angel Flight and Pet Rescue,


  • Complete the first step on the path to a Multi-Instrument Commercial for those who want to pursue a career as Professional Pilots.


DEMO FLIGHT LESSON -  If you have been considering beginning flight training but don't know where to start, then sign up today for a discovery flight.  The flight provides:


  • A two and a half hour block of time, including 45 minutes from engine start to stop with 30 minutes in the air, as well as all standard safety checks.


  • Ground time for cockpit orientation, preflight aircraft safety inspection, and post-flight debriefing. 


  • A hands on client experience for the bulk of time from start to shut down.


  • A comprehensive insight into the training process and to light airplane flight for a single prospective student. 


  • An opportunity for the prospect to see if they have good chemistry with their proposed flight instructor.


  • By regulation Demo Flight Lessons are limited to a single prospective student passenger.


  • This Lesson is only offered once prospects have completed our Intake Questionnaire via the contact page.  The cost of a Demo Flight Lesson is $275.



  • Please note that the Demo Flight Lesson is $400 for clients purchasing the Demo Flight Lesson as a gift for someone else who has not contacted us out of their own initiative. $100 will be credited back to prospective client if they proceed with training once they complete ten flight hours with us.


  • Please look over the links at the top right of the page for more information on the training courses we offer!  


TOUR FLIGHT - For clients looking to offer a Gift for someone else, we recommend our Sight Seeing Flight of Annapolis, Baltimore Harbor, Kent Island, and the Bay Bridge for up to three people for $325.  Members of the Tour Party can observe the pilot and ask questions about flying.  If a passenger is interested in subsequently beginning training, the Tour Pilot can facilitate referral to an Instructor.