Its Worth It!  Whether you are looking for a chance to get away from it all, whether you want to visit clients to more efficiently manage your small business, whether you want to make a personal contribution through flying for a charitable organization, or whether you’ve always wanted to become a professional pilot, obtaining a Private Pilot license, is an exciting step in the fulfillment of one’s dreams. The attainment of the certificate is in many ways a life changing event leading the way to numerous possibilities and an endless supply of life long memories.


Demo Flight:  If you have been considering beginning flight training but don't know where to start, then sign up today for a discovery flight. A two and a half hour block of time will be set aside for you by appointment to allow for cockpit orientation, preflight, taxi and systems checks, 30 minutes in the air, postflight and debriefing.  When providing our 45 minute demo operation we insist on providing the full experience, thereby allowing the client to assist with preflight checks and to control the aircraft as much as feels comfortable to the client and instructor. The prospective student is generally hands on for the bulk of time from climb out to short final approach, while flying from the pilot side!  Our comprehensive Socata TB9 demo flight is $225.00  Alternatively, for those who are more interested in a scenic flight, rather than a trial flight lesson, we recommend our one hour Chesapeake Bay sight seeing flight for two to three occupants for $299.00.  A $20.00 charge is added to process the tour as a prepaid gift certificate. NOTE: Please print, sign, and return the Required Liability Limit Agreement. The agreement is a precondition to service.


Video Recordings:   We encourage clients to bring a video recorder that can be patched into our audio panel.  If you do not have one we can supply our own for $10 per flight.  These recordings provide a useful learning tool, and can be used to your advantage to keep your total training time to a minimum. The disks can be reviewed at home between flights, and allow you to listen in to all cockpit conversations, and radio transmissions, as well as see the flight instruments or exterior.


Template System and Syllabus: 1World Aero uses a detailed in house syllabus, and a system of dedicated Flight Templates which summarize the points that are to be covered for each lesson.  Your instructor will notate and email performance observations from your flight for your review so that you always know what is expected of you for your next flight lesson.


Please visit the Resources Page for further documents on:

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