TERENCE RUSSELL -  Status:  Senior Goldseal Instructor  and affiliated charter operations Chief Pilot.  Rating: CFI Instrument Airplane Single & Multi-Engine. ATP. Total Flight Time: (As of September 2017) +11,500 hours

Aircraft Flown: Socata TB9/10/200/20, TBM 850

Cessna 152/172/RG/177RG/182/206/208/210/414, Cirrus SR20, SR22, Columbia 400, Grumman AA1, Mooney M20J/Bravo, Piper PA28-141/161/181/236/201R, PA-23, PA-31, PA-34, PA-44, PA-46/46-500T. 

Factoids: Company founder.  Full time flight Instructor since 1999.  Schedule: 9AM-7PM M-S.  Goes by:  Terry

Contact: Phone - 240-481-4023,

Email -

RODRIGO TORRES - Status: Senior  Gold Seal Instructor.  Total Flight Time: (As of January 2018) Over 2800 hours.  CFII since 2005.  Rating:  CFI Instrument Airplane Single and Multi Engine.  Aircraft Flown: Socata TB9, TB200,TBM 850 Cessna 152/172/414, PA28 160/200R, PA32 Lance, Cessna 310, Beech Baron.  Factoid: Former Ram Air night cargo pilot.  Restaurant owner.  Goes By:"Rodrigo" Schedule: Weekday afternoons and Weekends.  Contact: 301.792.1432  Email:


DAVID HAUTH - Status: Senior Instructor.  Total Flight Time: +1500 (As of September 2018).  Rating: CFI Instrument Airplane. Aircraft Flown: Socata TB9 Cessna 152/172, PA28 - 160/180/200R, PA23, BE70. Factoid: Career Navy Officer. Former P3 Navigator.  Goes By: "Dave" Schedule:  Week Afternoons and Weekends by appointment.  Contact:  Phone - 619.573.3180  Email -


TOM FALK - Status: Instructor.  Total Flight Time: +800 hours. (As of January 2018)   Rating: CFI Instrument Airplane Single Engine.  Aircraft Flown: Socata TB9, Cessna 152/172, PA28-160/180/200R, Grumman AA5.  Factoid: Proud Grumman Tiger owner.  Goes By: "Tom"   Schedule: Reserve/Friday and Weekends by appointment.  Contact: Phone - 703.244.7250  Email -

SILAS STILL - Status: Senior Gold Seal Instructor. Total Flight Time: +2000. CFII since 2001. Rating: CFI Instrument Airplane Single & Multi Engine. Aircraft Flown:  Socata TB9, TB10, TB200, Cessna 152/172/182, C414, Piper PA28-200R, Beech BE76, Robinson R22. Factoid: +4000 hours ex-Gulf Stream & 747 Flight Engineer.  Schedule:  Fridays & Weekends by appointment. Contact: Phone - 443.603.7477   Email -


DAVID DAWOOD - Status:  Senior Instructor.  Total Flight Time: + 3500.  Rating: CFI Instrument Ariplane.  Airplanes Flown: 152/172, PA28 140/160/180/200R/235.  Factoid:  Glider and Helicopter Instructor Schedule:  Weekends and evenings by appointment. Contact: Phone - 703.944.2385

Email -




FREDERICK NILES - Status: Senior Gold Seal Instructor.  Total Flight Time: (As of June 2014) Over 2500 hours.  CFI since 2005.  Rating: CFI Instrument Airplane Single & Multi-Engine. ATP.  CFI Gyrocopter.  Aircraft Flown: Socata TB9, TB200, Cessna 152/172/182, Cessna 414, PA28-200R, PA28-235, Beech Bonanza, Piper PA34, PA44.  Factoids:  Aerospace engineer.  Gyro Instructor and owner.  Goes By:  "Rick"  Schedule: Part Time.  Weekends by appointment.  Contact: Phone - 240.601.8514. Email -