PLEASE FILL OUT and email the INTAKE QUESTIONAIRE to the email below if you are interested in pursuing training or checkout as this allows us to better respond to your inquiry upon first contact.  While we can respond generally to inquiries by text message and voice mail, we require this form to be submitted before we will schedule any Intro Flights, Checkouts, or Flight Reviews.  Thanks in advance for your time and interest!


In all cases, the Chief Pilot/Operations Coordinator will follow up between flights, thus please keep in mind that if the weather is good, it may take longer to follow up on an inquiry.  Also note that is not uncommon to waitlist incoming clients a couple to a few weeks during Spring and Summer prior to first appointment.   


Thank You for your interest!


7509 General Aviation Drive #107, Ft. Meade, MD 20755

Phone - 240-481-4023


Operations Coordinator - Terence Russell





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