BASE RATE:           Applies for first two aircraft rental hours each calendar month.


REWARDS RATE:   Automatic 10% off all rental time exceeding two hours per month!


SOCATA TB9          $135.00 per Hobbs Hour   $121.50  Hourly 
PIPER PA28R  $165.00 per Hobbs Hour       $148.50 Hourly
  ($155.00 Hobbs for IFR Dual)

 ($145.00 Hobbs for IFR Dual)












                     Private Pilot and Commercial Licenses &

                         Instrument or Multiengine Ratings

 - Over 1500 Hours Dual Given & Gold Seal or ATP -  $70.00 / Hour

 - Over 1500 Hours Dual Given or Gold Seal -            $67.50 / Hour

 - Over 250 Hours Dual Given -                                $65.00 / Hour

 - Recent CFI -                                                        $62.50 / Hour



Private Non-Fleet Aircraft: + $5.00 / Hour


Insurance Mandated Turbo Charged, TAA, Pressurized or Turbine Instruction: Call to Quote.


In Aircraft Flight Instruction: Billed by Hobbs Time. 

Pre & Post Lesson Briefing/Debriefings/Paperwork: Typically .75 Hours

Ground Theory Instruction: Billed per time spent consistent with Company Syllabus.


LOYALTY AVIATOR RATES -  We Know You Put The AERO in 1World Aero!

We want to say "thank you for your Loyalty" to all the student and graduate rental pilots that keep our staff and aircraft flying. 


This is why we provide a permanent discount to each renter pilot for each flight hour once a pilot completes a rating in-house or logs 100 hours of rental hours in-house.  Our discounts are as follows:


1) Loyalty Aviators - $2.50 off per hour (completion of one rating or 100 hours).


2) Loyalty+ Aviators - $5.00 off per hours(completion of two ratings or 200 hours).


3) Loyalty 2 Aviators - $7.50 off per hour (completion of three ratings or 300 hours).


4) Rewards Discounts - 10% off of our Base Rental Rate.  Rewards rates are honored on all Day flight time (and Night flight time towards PPL and CPL time requirements) after two rental Hobbs hours per calendar month. Base rates flight time must be logged during Day time (or during Night Dual satisfying PPL and CPL requirements). Base rates flight time must be completed in the most advanced make and model in which client is checked out.


You do not have to place a block payment to get a discount at 1World Aero -  YOU JUST NEED TO FLY!