Welcome to 1World Aero.  The following is our commitment to, and expectation of you, when either teaching in, training in, or renting our aircraft.  The following attributes must be valued, and are critical to the safety and success of our operations and relationship.




RESPONSIBILITY.   Do everything possible to get our airplane and occupants to destination safely.


PREPARATION.  Prepare for the task at hand.  Be proactive.


STANDARDIZATION.  Follow company materials, company procedures, & industry proven methods.


CREW RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.  Learn it.  Use it when able.




LIMITATIONS.  Respect personal, weather, & mechanical limits.


FLEXIBILITY.  Adapt to change in a dynamic environment.


FOCUS.  Prioritize with common sense.  Mitigate risk.


IMPROVEMENT.  Learn through practice and experience.  Progress with an experienced partner.


PROFICIENCY.  Strive to exceed minimum standards.


SELF-ASSESSMENT.  Consider your own readiness, progression, and performance.


INQUIRY.  Good pilots always try to learn more.


FAIRNESS.  Adjust for variable strengths and weaknesses in both students and in instructors.


APPRECIATION.  Learn from different backgrounds of all kinds, and from different pilots.


COMMUNICATION.  Speak up when you are uncomfortable.


TEAMWORK.  Instructors, Students, Renters, Mechanics, Passengers, and ATC all have a role.


RESPECT our time and schedule.


CONSIDERATION.  Minimize equipment wear and tear.


ENJOY the challenge.




Thank you for your collaboration.




Terence Russell


Chief Flight Instructor / President


1World Aero, LLC





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