Below please find aviation YouTube videos that cover a wide range of topics parallelling the training syllabi.  While the videos have general instructional overview value, their specifics are often not completely applicable to the aircraft that we fly.  These videos do not substitute nor supersede in person dual flight instruction, 1World Aero resources such as the Cockpit Procedures Guides and Checklists, nor review of the FAA Flight Training Handbooks, but rather provide an initial Orientation, particularly for videos on Flight Tasks. Video's made by the FAA complement FAA handbooks.  Video's on ADM will be referenced to correlate knowledge as you gain experience. 


Pilot's in Training are encouraged to review the video's related to their syllabus, take notes, and then compare with FAA Handbook guidance and 1World Aero materials.  1World Aero will sometimes recommend variations to techniques in flight instruction videos that are better adapted to the equipment and environment we operate within, or that are more consistent with FAA handbook guidance.  


A link to the FAA Handbooks is provided in the Resources Page.


Interested Prospects should also be able to see from this video list and associated follow up reading assignments, that while flying is hugely rewarding, it is also quite challenging, and requires a strong long term commitment.


PA28 Preflight Flows - What are the key phases of a preflight?  Does the order differ from our checklist?  Channel - From The Hangar

Preflight Check Piper PA28 Step by Step, Online Flying Lesson (   

Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 9  Flight Manuals & Other Documents




Engine Start Up -Avoid getting caught up in the systems specifics of starting this Fuel Injected Cessna.  Focus on the common sense safety precautions recommended.  Note/list them.  Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University   Engine Starting (   Also see FAA AFH CH 2


Taxi -What are some keys to safe taxi?  Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Taxiing Lesson 1 (  Also see FAA AFH CH 2


Aircraft Flight Control Systems - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Aircraft Systems - 02 - Flight Controls - YouTube  Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 6 Flight Control Systems


Basic Aircraft Control - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Four Fundamentals of Flight (  Also see FAA AFH CH 3


Ramp Marshalling - What are the basic signs for "park here/ turn left or right / stop" Follow up discussion: What does turning your Taxi/Landing light on mean to a marshal?  Why should you turn your Landing Light Off as you pull into your parking spot?  What is the sign for "ready for start up"?  Channel - Basic Marshalling Signals - Air Safety Institute

ASI Safety Tip: Marshalling Signals - YouTube   Also see FAA AFH CH 2.


Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 14 - Airport Operations



Airflow as AOA Changes -  Airflow patterns over the wing.  Channel - Sporty's   Also review 1WA FTM CH 4.  Also reference FAA PHAK CH 4 Principals of Flight CH Aerodynamics of Flight 5


Slow Flight - Clean and Dirty , ACS References. Compare to 1WA PA28 CPT Maneuvers Outline.  Channel - Epic Aviation   Also see FAA AFH CH 5.


Slow Flight - Cessna 172, ACS References.  Compare to 1WA PA28 CPT Maneuvers Outline.  Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University


45 Degree/Steep Turns - PA28, ACS References. Compare to 1WA PA28 CPT Maneuvers Outline. Channel - Free Flight Instruction 3 SECRETS to Fix Your Steep Turns | How to Perform Steep Turns (   Also see FAA AFH CH 10  

Power Off Stall - Set up and recovery of an Approach to Landing Stall in a Cessna 172.  Compare to 1WA PA28 CPT Maneuvers Outline.  Why would clean up process differ?  Channel - Wings of Eagles   Also see FAA AFH CH 5.


Power On & Off Stalls - Set up and recovery in a PA28. Compare to 1WA PA28 CPT Maneuvers Outline. What is the general concept for set up of a power off stall?  How is the power off stall recovery clean up different from the above Cessna Demonstration?  What is the CFI’s recovery procedure for a Power On Stall that goes awry?


Channel LewDix AviationLearning To Stall An Aircraft| PA28 (


Turns On a Point - What is the point of this manuever?  How do you adjust bank angle for head wind and tail wind to maintain a constant radius?  Look over FAA AFH Channel - Thrust Flight How To Perform Turns Around A Point In Windy Weather (  Also see FAA AFH CH 7.

SPINS - Note that  spins are not demonstrated nor practiced in our aircraft.  Required emergency knowledge and simulator work only.

Also see FAA AFH CH 5:


Accidental Spin Entry during Power On Stall - Note student using counter aileron as Power On stall veers off, feeding the spin entry.  Channel - Flying Wild AZ    


Common Base to Final Accidental Spin Entry Scenario - Explained - Chanel - Smart Pilot.CA


Spin Demonstration - What a spin looks like from outside demonstrated in an Aerobatic Category certified airplane.  None of our aircraft are approved for spins.  Channel - Flying


PARE Demonstration - Power Out, Ailerons Neutral, Rudder Full Opposite, Elevator Neutrals/Foward Exterior View in a aerobatic Decathalon Channel - Ryan Lunde


PARE Demonstration - Fully developed spin in an aerobatic Robin 2160 (Australia).  Interior view Channel - Chris Davey


Step by Step Explanation of PARE - Channel - Thrust Flight


PARE Demonstration - Fully developed spin in an aerobatic Firefly (UK).  Interior view.  Note  how this airplane's recovery must strictly follow PARE.  Channel - Easy PPL Training


What do these videos infer about survivability after a Spin entry occurring at low altitude?  Is your airplane approved for intentional spins? How does an airplane get into a spin?   Explain the PARE spin recovery procedure for your airplane? What is the purpose of each step in PARE? 



Two Pilot flow and check & CRM in a B747.  Stabilized approach. Call outs Pilot Flying vs Pilot Monitoring. What is the role of the Pilot Flying vs the Pilot Monitoring? Who is the PIC, PF, PM?  What is the role of the Checklist in this cockpit?  What is the difference between a procedure and a checklist.  What is the role of trim on approach? What is the role of the approach altitude call outs in this cockpit?  How much conversation is there in this cockpit on approach?

What is our procedure for Landing Light use?  Why is it different?  Channel - Captain Joe


Two Pilot flow and check & CRM (Cessna Citationjet).  Call Outs. Pilot Flying vs Pilot Monitoring functions.  Channel - CAS Pilot Lounge


Two Pilot flow and check & CRM in a DC3 (Compares largely as an entertainment video. Most relevant 2:30 to 5:00 and 24:30 to 26:30, mostly at end of video) Note the Departure Brief (2:30)  Explain Trend Monitoring (4:00).  First several minutes – how does the Pilot Flying use the Pilot Monitoring as a resource?  Who is PIC?  Who is Pilot Flying?  Who is Pilot Monitoring?  Is the checklist being used for Read and Do or as part of Flow and Check. Channel Matt Guthmiller,


Complete Two Pilot flow and check & CRM from Start Up to Landing (ATR72-600) Note the Departure Briefing and great examples of flow and check.  What is a Procedure?


Channel - Lewdix Aviation



PA28 Warrior III Pattern Profile - Good general explanation.  Follow Up Discussion: Why does UND use a 70 KIAS VRef instead of the 63KIAS prescribed by the POH? Channel - The UND AeroCast  (VIDEO 2 of 2) The Airport Traffic Pattern (

Also see FAA AFH CH 8


Tips for Final Approach and Landing a Cessna 172  - Stabilized Approach, Aiming point, Landing Point.  Pitch for speed vs power for altitude - Channel - Flight Insights   Also see FAA AFH CH 9

Good standard practices for approach to land from a traffic pattern.  The author recommends beginning to descend from abeam the numbers which he refers to as “the perch.”  What are some advantages and disadvantages to this technique.  The author recommends idling power at 50 feet.  What are some advantages and disadvantages to this technique?  


Channel - Free Pilot Training

Stabilized Approaches - When should you go around? Channel - The UND AeroCast

Stabilized Approaches (


Tracking Runway Centerline - What is the purpose of the rudder vs ailerons over a centerline, particularly with crosswinds?   Channel - The UND AeroCast

On Centerline - Where an airplane belongs... (


Runway Expansion Effect - Timing Round Out and Flare - Channel - FAA Compliance / Rod Machado

Timing Your Flare (


Faulty Landings - Ballooning, Bouncing, Early & Late Roundouts. Understand how, why, what to do.  Channel - The UND AeroCast

(VIDEO 1 of 2) Faulty Approaches: Timing (

(VIDEO 2 of 2) Faulty Approaches: Timing (


Forced Landing Procedures - Cessna 172, ACS References - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University   Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 9



Also review/reference FAA AFH Ch 18, FAA IPH Appendix A Emergency Procedures, IFH Ch 11 Emergency Operations.  Your aircraft POH Chapter 3 Emergencies


Mitigating Bird Strike Risks - Channel - The UND AeroCast

Bird Strike Avoidance (


Stabilized Final to Short Field (St Barts) - Constant attitude, small power changes, slightly powered flare, lack of stall horn on landing. Channel - Joren Leunge      Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 9

Stabilized Final to Short Field (Lukla, Nepal) - Same exact themes as above approach to St Barts.  Channel -


Soft Field Landings -  Be able to describe generally recommended process.  Channel - Epic Flight Academy

Soft Field Approaches & Landings | Epic Flight Academy (  Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 9


General Weather Theory - Channel - Free Pilot Training

Weather BASICS explained (EASY to Understand) PPL Lesson 39 - YouTube  Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 12 - Weather Theory


Air Masses & Fronts - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Weather for Pilots - 02 - Air Masses and Fronts (


Visible Moisture Formation - Channel - Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather-Temperature Dewpoint Spread Why does it matter when flying helicopters or aircraft? (


Stages of a Thunderstorm - Channel - Aviation Weather  Aviation Weather-Thunderstorm Life Cycle and your Airplane (


Microburst - Channel - Mentour Pilot


Using -25 min -  Channel - Pilot Institute Airplanes  

Aviation Weather Center Update 2023 - Full Walkthrough (  Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 13 Aviation Weather Services


Reading METARS - Channel - Fly8MA

Ep. 22: METARs Explained in Less than 5 Mins | Aviation Weather (


Reading METARS - Channel - Pilot Jonathan

How To Decode A METAR | ATPL Theory - Meteorology (


Reading Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts - Channel - Captain Joe

How to DECODE and READ a TAF? Aviation weather! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE (


Also review/reference FAA PHAK Appendix B - Acronyms, Abbreviations, and NOTAM Contractions



Datalink Weather - Time Lag & Convection - Channel - Air Safety Foundation  Accident Case Study: Time Lapse – misunderstanding in-cockpit weather displays can lead to tragedy (


PPL/CPL:  Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 3 - Aircraft Construction, Ch 7 Aircraft Systems, Ch 8 Flight Instruments

Instrument: Also review/reference FAA IFH Ch 5 - Flight instruments


Pitot Static Instruments - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Pitot-Static Instruments (


AHRS - Conventional Gyros vs AHRS/ADAHRS - Channel - Aviation Theory

AHRS - Attitude and Heading Reference System (


ADC - Conventional Pitot-Static Instruments vs ADC - Channel - Aviation Theory  The Air Data Computer (ADC) (


Intro to Aircraft Electrical Systems - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Aircraft Systems - 08 - Electrical System (


Intro to Aircraft Piston Engines - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Aircraft Systems - 03 - Engine (     


Density Altitude - Effect of Heat and Humidity on Performance - Channel - Air Safety Foundation

Density Altitude - the triple H effect (


Runway Condition Reports - Channel - Air Safety Foundation

 ASI Safety Tip: Runway Conditions (


Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 10 Weight & Balance, Ch 11 Aircraft Performance


Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 16 Navigation


Pilotage and Deduced Reckoning - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Pilotage and Dead Reckoning (


Filling Out a VFR Nav Log - Channel - Scott Koon CFI  The 9 minute navigation log Tutorial! (


Reading FAA VFR Aeronautical Charts - Channel - Free Pilot Training

VFR Sectional Explained! (All About Airports) Private Pilot Ground Lesson 25 (


National Airspace - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Airspace - Lesson 1 (   Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 15 Airspace


Intro to VOR Use - What is reverse sensing?  What would the golden rule to avoid reverse sensing be? Channel - Scott Koon CFI

Ridiculously easy VOR Navigation! (


Intro to VOR Intercepts - Channel - Gian Luca Noia

Intercepting VOR Radials (


Intro to Aviation GPS -What is RAIM?  How do you know if it fails?  How do you know if you have enough satellites in view of your airplane?  Channel - Flight Insights

What is RAIM | Receiver Autonomous Monitoring | How GPS Works (





Also review/reference FAA IFH Ch 8 Navigation Systems


Class D Tower Operations - Channel - Flight Insights


Intro To Towered Airport Signage - Channel - Everything Aviation

Also review/reference FAA PHAK Appendix C - Airport Signs and Markings


FAA Safety Video - Safe taxi situational awareness  - Channel - From the Flight Deck


Basic ATC Phraseology - Channel - Thrust Flight   Also review/reference the Pilot Controller Glossary in the AIM

ATC Communications and Basic Phrases | Talking to Air Traffic Control (


FAA Safety Video - Phraseology  - Channel - From the Flight Deck

From the Flight Deck – Phraseology (


FAA Safety Video - The Myth of Multi-tasking - Channel - From the Flight Deck

From the Flight Deck – Human Factors: The Myth of Multitasking - YouTube


FAA Safety Video - Wrong Direction Intersection Take Offs - Channel - From the Flight Deck

From The Flight Deck – Wrong Direction Intersection Takeoffs - YouTube


Arrival Sequencing at Busy Towered Class D - Small airplane PF vs PM CRM. What take aways do you note from this video? Does this “crew” run an equivalent of WIRES?  What are some challenges the tower controller faces?  What is every pilot’s responsibility relative the controller?  Channel - MojoGrip




ADM - Channel - Private Pilot Ground School

Aeronautical Decision Making | PPGS (    Also review/reference FAA PHAK CH 2


Risk Based ADM - Importance of a Standard Weather Briefing - Channel - Federal Aviation Administration

Risk-Based Aeronautical Decision Making in 57 Seconds (


ADM - Practical advice from a career pilot. Channel - Ask Captain Scott

Aeronautical Decision Making (

Aeromedical Factors - Channel - Private Pilot Ground School   Also review/reference FAA PHAK Ch 17 Aeromedical Factors


Spatial Disorientation - Channel - Captain Joe

DANGERS of spatial DISORIENTATION! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE (  Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 5


Night Ops - Also review/reference FAA AFH Ch 11


Kalitta 66 - Hypoxic PIC declares emergency after partial inflight depressurization.  ATC slowly figures out it needs to clear airplane lower to safety.  What is the time of useful consciousness at 18,000 feet?  At what altitude are you recommended to start using supplemental oxygen during day time? What are the Oxygen Requirements for part 91? What are factors that increase risk of hypoxia.  Why didn’t both crew members pass out?


Unusual Attitude Recovery - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Recovery From Unusual Attitudes (  Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 5


Unusual Attitude Recovery - Channel - Gold Seal Aviation

Unusual Attitudes - RECOVER! (


Advanced Upset Recovery Training - American Airlines Training commentary.  Simulator concepts only.  Not for flight training in our non-aerobatic aircraft.  What does push up mean if accidentally inverted?  What is the role of top rudder if accidentally in an overbank condition?  What is a fixed indication on a PFD/Attitude Indicator?


Channel -

Unusual Aircraft Attitude Recovery Procedures - Part One, by Capt. VanderBurgh (restored) (

Unusual Aircraft Attitude Recovery Procedures - Part Two, by Capt. VanderBurgh (restored) (


 Upset Recovery Training - B777 Simulator session. Unloading wings vs roll rate.  Reference to Fly Dubai Accident (ADM videos).   From review of this and the previous videos, what actions would be recommended if in an overbanked, near inverted attitude? What is the relationship of load factor to roll rate that the sim instructor describes?  What was the reference to Fly Dubai about?


 Channel - Lucasmj2004

Extreme flying on 777 Simulator - UPRT (    Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 5.



 Intro to Basic Instrument Aircraft Control - Channel - Epic Flight Academy  Fundamentals of Instrument Flying | Epic Flight Academy (

 Also review/reference FAA IFH Ch 6 Sections 1 & 2 Airplane Attitude Instrument Flying 7 Sections 1 & 2 Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers


See ADM videos in section below.  Also review/reference FAA IFH Ch 5 Aerodynamic Factors


Introduction to Reviewing Instrument Approach Plates - Two videos discussing process that occurs prior to Crew Briefing in Commercial cockpits - Channel - Flight Insights

Also review/reference FAA IFH Ch1 The National Airspace System, FAA IPH Ch 4 Approaches


Introduction to Jeppesen Instrument Approach Plates - Shortened Briefing style favored in Commercial cockpits after the plates have been reviewed and Radio Navigation programmed. From looking at the CRM videos by CAS Pilot Lounge (Citation) and Lew Dix Aviation (ATR72), how detailed or concise should an approach briefing be?  Is briefing the same thing as prepping? Which comes first?


  - Channel - Flight Insights


Hand flying a stabilized glide path on a straight in precision instrument approach  Channel - Flight Insights   


Holding Pattern - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Holding Patterns (Part 1) (  Also review/reference FAA IPH Ch 7 Aircraft Systems, FAA IFH Ch 10 IFR Flight


Wind Correction while Holding - Channel - Flight Insights


When to Descend on Approach - Channel - Flight Insights

When to Descend on a Precision Approach | How to Fly an ILS Approach (


Intro Partial Panel Approach - Channel - Flight Insights

Partial Panel Approach with Circle to Land | IPC Flight 4 of 4 ( 

Also review/reference FAA IFH Ch 11 Emergency Operations


Instrument Approach then Visually Circling To Land - Channel - Ground School USA

Instrument Circling Approaches (


Missed Approach Procedures - Channel - Flight Insights

3 Types of Missed Approaches | Missed Approach Points | IFR Training (


DME Arcs - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

DME Arcs (

Circling Approach (C208) - 4 Min Video - How does this approach parallel guidance in the IFH?  How does it vary if at all? Channel - Guido Warneke


SIDS - Departing from Busy Towered Airports - Channel - Flight Insights

Standard Instrument Departures (SID) Obstacle Departure Procedure (ODP) Explained | IFR Departures (    Also review/reference FAA IPH Ch 1 Departure Procedures


STARS/AP - Arrivals at Busy Towered Airports - Channel - Flight Insights

Instrument Arrivals Explained | STARs | Descend Via (    Also review/reference FAA IPH Ch 3 Departure Procedures




Lost Comms - Channel - Flight Insights

Lost Communications Procedures | FAR 91.185 (   Also review/reference FAA IPH Ch 2 Enroute Procedures



Also review/reference FAA IPH Appendix B - Acronyms, Glossary, IFH Ch 2 The Air Traffic Control System


Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 12 - Transition to Complex Aircraft


Single Pilot Flow and Check Procedures - In Single Engine Turboprop (C208).  Autopilot modes. Note use of call outs.  Note power walked out in flare for touch down with out stall horn.  Channel - Guido Warneke


Single Pilot Flow and Check Procedures - In Light jet (CJ) Note use of call outs.  Autopilot modes. Note electric trim in flare as power walked out for shallow flare with out stall horn. Channel - Guido Warneke


What kind of flare is being used in these heavier airplanes in the Warneke clips?  What is the advantage of a shallower flare?  What is the disadvantage.  When should a more aggressive flare be used?  How does this professional single-pilot interface with the Checklist?  (Read and Do?  Flow and Check?  Consistently?  Intermittently?)  What is the benefit of a call out to self?


Also review/reference FAA AFH Ch 13 - Transition to Multi-Engine Airplanes 


Multi-Engine Aerodynamics - Theory discussion - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Introduction To Multi Engine Aerodynamics (


Multi-engine Risk Mitigation - Channel - Air Safety Foundation

Taming the Twin: Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying (


Take Offs and Landing in Light Multi-Engine Aircraft - Channel - Sporty's

Takeoffs and Landings in Multiengine Airplanes - Sporty's Flight Training Tips (



Asymmetry - Rudder Inputs, Left vs Right Asymmetric Responses (UK)  Channel iTechno8


Multi-Engine Aerodynamics - Configuration /Drag Demo - Channel - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

(VIDEO 1 of 2) Configuration Demonstration (


VMC Demo - Channel - Love Airplanes and Stars


Engine Failure on Take Off Roll - Channel - UND Aerocast

Engine Failure: Takeoff Roll (


Engine Shut Down and Restart Drill -Channel - Pilot Jonathan

Inflight Engine Shutdown & Restart | Tecnam P2006T (


Engine Shut Down & Restart Drill - Narrated - Channel - iTechno8

DA42 In-Flight Engine Shutdown and Restart - YouTube


A320 Power Loss Drill - Call Outs, PF vs PM CRM, Flow vs Checks in environment with high redundancy.  Note the very deliberate pace.

Transasia  ATR VMC Roll Importance of proficiency in Emergency Drills and use of good CRM. What does the presenter infer about the role of the industry to support candidates who repeatedly struggle through training? What key elements of the engine out emergency drill were skipped leading up to the accidental shut down of the live engine?    Channel:  Mentour Pilot


Key Summary Steps for Multi-Engine Tasks - Stalls, VMC Demo, Emergency Descent - Channel - Bevin and Tom Aviation 

Piper Seminole PA44-180 Multi-engine Flight Maneuvers VMC DEMO (


Key Summary Steps for Multi-Engine Tasks - ILS, Pattern with Left Engine back and then Right - Channel - Bevin and Tom Aviation 

ENGINE OUT! ILS Engine out approaches for your multi-engine check ride! Piper Seminole - Click here! (


General advice starting commercial maneuver training. What is the relation between speed and turn radius? What is the relation ship between bank and lift? Channel - Epic Flight Academy

6 Keys to Success with Commercial Maneuvers with Mike Thompson (


Eights on Pylons - Channel - The UND AeroCast

Eights on Pylons: Getting Setup (

Also reference/review FAA AFH CH 7


Also review/reference FAA AFH CH 10 Performance Maneuvers for the Tasks below.


50 Degree Bank/Steep Turns - Be able to generally describe required steps and criteria.  Channel - UND Aerocast  Steep Turns (


Lazy Eights - Be able to generally describe required steps and criteria. 

Channel - UND Aerocast Lazy Eights ( 

Channel - Thrust Flight How to Perform Lazy Eight Maneuvers (



Chandelles - Be able to generally describe required steps and criteria.  Channel - UND Aerocast

Chandelles (


Steep Spirals - Be able to generally describe required steps and criteria.  Channel - UND Aerocast

Steep Spirals (


Power Off 180 - Be able to generally describe required steps and criteria.  Remember that this is not treated as an emergency task, but rather is an energy management exercise.  

Channel - Thrust Flight

Power Off 180: Making the Right Turn in Emergency Situations (

Channel - The Finer Points

180º POWER OFF ACCURACY APPROACHES Nail your landing spot EVERY TIME you land the airplane w/o power (



Hazards of Helicopter wake turbulence.  Accident footage.  Maintain time or distance separation.  How much separation should be used in terms of time and distance from helicopters?  What do you expect the outcome of this accident to have been?

Avoiding Wake Turbulence.  Instructional video.  How to avoid hazardous large aircraft wake turbulence.  What are some scenarios that would create wake turbulence exposures enroute or in a terminal area?  How does wind direction affect wake on the airport surface?  Channel - 




Power Loss on Take Off  - Importance of Departure Briefings. Discuss the use of sterile cockpit.  Discuss the topics that need to be covered in a Crew Departure Briefing.  Discuss the responsibilities of leadership including in a small plane with one pilot and one to three passengers.  Discuss the need for Departure Emergency Briefings in Single Engine and Multi-engine aircrafts.  Discuss Threats, Plan, Considersations.  Discuss Memory Items. Discuss Positive Exchange of Controls.  What might be some ways to use a passenger to facilitate CRM in a small airplane?


Aviate, Navigate, Communicate – Explain.  How can a PM help maintain crew situational awareness?


For ME - How could this airplane have been brought back to land safely?  What items from our standard Power Loss Drill were skipped.  How do call outs help to increase the chances of successful Power Loss mitigation? What kind of pitch attitude should be used in a crippled climb out?  Channel: Mentour Pilot


Complications and dynamic poor weather at destination and alternates.  Impulsivity under pressure. How many alternates were selected prior to departure?  Did the aircraft divert to its alternate?   Discuss the term “minimum fuel.” Discuss how to keep situational awareness of your outs while enroute.  Discuss how the pressure of the situation affected the crew’s ability to maintain a stabilized approach.   Channel: Mentour Pilot


Piper Lance Stall Spin- Get There itis, Confirmation Bias, VFR into IMC. Declaring Emergencies. Familiarity with all onboard equipment. What are some resources that might have been used to mitigate risk preflight and then inflight?  Discuss how confirmation bias may have contributed to this fatal accident.


  Channel:  Air Safety Foundation


French Bee A350 - Importance of proficiency with go around sequences.   Task saturation, pilot incapacitation.  CRM.  Discuss the role of positive exchange of control in this incident.  Discuss why Go Around and Missed Approach Procedures need to be treated as Memory Items.  What are some other videos in this ADM list where improper Positive Exchange of control and Go Around procedures are contributing factors?  Channel:  Mentour Pilot


Fly Dubai loss of control - Sudden pilot disorientation in turbulent night instrument conditions. Fatigue, CRM/crew communications. What is a Sigmet?  Discuss how confusion of go around and windshear avoidance procedures contributed to this accident.  What is somatographic illusion and how is it mitigated? Similarly what are some golden rules for basic instrument flight control?  What is the role of degrees of pitch attitudes for aircraft control?  What is the correct recovery procedure for a Nose High Unusual Attitude?  How does the procedure mitigate negative G loads?  What are hazards of negative Gs?  Channel: Mentour Pilot


ATR 72 Controlled Flight Into Terrain  Hazardous Attitudes - Invulnerability, Macho, Anti Authority. Slippery slope of cutting corners.  Standing up to more experienced pilots.  Constant Profile Non Precision Instrument Approaches   Discuss the challenge of standing up to a more experienced aviator/mentor when something seems wrong.   Discuss the slippery slope of normalized non-compliance and relaxing standards. 


  Channel: Mentour Pilot:


TBM Loss of Control Accident.

Concepts: Unpredictability of icing.  Advocating for your intentions.  Declaring an Emergency.  Value of Pireps. How much time did this TBM spend in severe icing? Was this plane approved for Flight Into Known Icing? Does the FIKI designation apply to severe icing?  What does this video infer about the predictability of severe icing.  How did the autopilot mode selection contribute to the accident? What were the pilot’s outs?


 Channel: Mentour Pilot

Cirrus Loss of Control Accident - Continuing into known icing conditions without diversion.  Invulnerability, macho, anti-authority. How long did this Cirrus spend in icing conditions?  Does this video infer that a pilot should panic when encountering icing?  What are the best exit strategies?  What is the OAT range most conducive to ice accretion?  Channel: AOPA Air Safety Foundation


Hazardous Attitudes - Invulnerability, Macho. Flight into Convective Weather.  Microbursts. What is a microburst?  What is confirmation bias? What resources were available to this pilot to mitigate risk?  Channel:  Air Safety Foundation


LAX Runway Collision.   Crosschecking ATC.  Advocating for your intentions.  Purpose of Aircraft Lighting What conclusions do you draw about trusting ATC implicitly?  Who is ultimately responsible for the safety of flight of your airplane?  How do ATC distractions dealing with pilots or crews who are underperforming degrade safety for other users in the system?   Is the role of aircraft lighting arbitrary or discretionary?


 Channel: Mentour Pilot


Stall Spin Accident after multiple tower clearance changes.  Fatigue. Go Around Procedures.  Advocating for your Intentions.  Resignation.  What conclusions do you draw about the skills required for sequencing light aircraft into professional airspace from an ATC standpoint and a piloting standpoint.  What was the pilot’s out?  What does this accident infer about fatigue?  AOPA Air Safety Foundation


Situationally Aware Crew exercises PIC Authority - Advocating for your intentions. Channel: 74 Gear  USAir Pilot Refuses Takeoff Instructions (


Advocating to and Working with ATC for Safety - Channel: 74 Gear 

ANNOYING Type of Air Traffic Controller | ATC vs Pilots (


View into Professional Pilot/Airline training (UK) Mostly entertainment value on highs and lows of training journey. Pertinent portions:  Attitude based finals (@12:30). CRM (@14:00, 26:30, 30:30, & 42:00). Expectations of Pro Pilots (@34:30).  Different Instructing styles & learning from mistakes @20:00 & 23:00) What was the pitch attitude the A320 instructor wanted set on final approach.  What was the tolerance?  What pitch attitudes are we using for normal vs short field approaches?

What comment does the Chief Instructor in New Zealand make about training recreational vs professional pilots?  How does that comment square with General Aviation vs Commercial aviation accident statistics?  What does this video show about struggling and overcoming critique?

Channel: Easyjet inside the Cockpit easyJet: Inside The Cockpit Series 2 - Episode 1 (