Vast opportunities exist for pilots to step outside the 48 contiguous states and explore.  Thanks to the stepping stone land bridge that is provided by the Bahamas Island chain, pilots can access the Eastern Caribbean, its verdant mountainous islands and world class beaches.  Similarly Mexico and the Yucatan lie one leg away from Key West.  For most, venturing into these neighboring but unfamiliar skies can seem daunting at first, but with some guidance can make for some of the most memorable and rewarding flights you will ever enter into your logbook!


1World Aero draws on extensive experience from a network of Guide Pilots and Travel Consultants who have lived or worked on the Islands of the Caribbean basin, Mexico, and Central America.  Our staff are intimately familiar with local customs, sites, language, and aviation procedures and  resources.  Our goal is to introduce you to the environment with guided dual instruction, and empower you to be able to operate independently if you would like, or to continue to lean on us as much as you prefer. You provide the plane, we provide the rest.  We can provide an instructor pilot for a one on one experience, provide a guide pilot for group tours, or remote consultation services.


Our Flight-seeing Support Service includes all regulatory and logistical preparation needed for your overseas travel, as needed hotel and ground transportation reservation assistance, on site handler interface, and multi-lingual support services.  Our team include pilots familiar with everything from high performance complex pistons to pressurized turboprops.


Our International Flight-seeing Clinic covers GUIDED:


1) Review of the expedition planning and preparation that has been made for you,

2) Orientation to customs procedures, including EAPIS,

3) Orientation, and practice filing International Flight Plans,

4) Orientation, and practice filing out General Declarations,

5) Orientation to overseas weather online resources, weather briefing and NOTAM acquisition,

6) Review of local weather patterns,

7) Orientation to local ATC clearances and instrument procedures,

8) Review of international airspace and map symbology, securing proper charts, AND...

9) Review of local radio-phraseology. 


Finally, if desired, we will even give you an accelerated course in basic Spanish or French radio-phraseology to greatly improve your in-flight situational awareness.


Our Flight-seeing Consultation services include customs registration services, itinerary planning, reservation services, translation services, and customs paperwork and pre-filing.


Contact us now to start planning your next logbook entry!


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