F O R E I G N  S T U D E N T  R E G I S T R A T I O N  


In recent years the Transportation Security Association (TSA) has been moved from the control of the FAA into Homeland Security, and given a new mandate to verify the identity of all candidates seeking to obtain an FAA pilot certificate.


TSA requires that all flight schools determine and document the nationality of all students. American citizens must provide a valid US passport or a combination of US Birth Certificate and valid State or Federal Photo ID to be verified and photocopied and kept on file for 5 years.


Candidates who are not United States citizens, which includes Permanent Residents, must register themselves on the TSA's dedicated website and apply for permission to train. The application procedure takes an average of two to three weeks. Such candidates will also need to have their photo taken for the flight schools archives, provide their overseas passport and visa for photocopy and archive, and submit to fingerprinting, before any training can occur. Foreign students are required to re-register prior to beginning training for an instrument or multi-engine rating.

TSA audits all flight schools to verify and enforce compliance with its Flight Training Security Program.


We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we administer this process.

For further information, and to begin registration please follow the link to www.FTSP Home (