C O M M E R C I A L   &   F L I G H T   I N S T R U C T O R   R A T I N G S


Your Commercial license and Flight Instructor rating must be completed in a "complex" aircraft with retractable gear. 


The Commercial rating is essentially a Private Pilot checkride flown to higher standards which incorporates four new manuevers: Lazy 8's, Chandelles, 8's on Pylons, and Steep Spirals.  After previous instrument training, these new manuevers are all help to return the candidate to flying OUTSIDE the airplane visually.  The commercial manuevers require demonstration of good pitch, bank, and yaw control coordination throughout the normal flight envelope.  


The Flight Instructor (CFI) rating is essentially a carbon copy of the Commercial, however it is flown from the copilot right seat while explaining each manuever in a conversational manner.


The majority of your CFI training will be one on one ground instruction discussion of aerodynamics, systems, weather, regulations, aeronautical decision-making, flight planning, and of each manuever in the Private and Commercial pilot practical tests.


Our 200 HP, retractable Piper Arrow is used for these ratings. Multi-engine add ons can be performed later at your option.


Commercial Single: Average Ground - 10 hours, Average Total Flight Training - 20 hours

CFI: Average Ground - 20 hours, Average Total Flight Training - 15 Hours

CFII:  Average Ground 10 Hours, Average Flight Simulator Pre-Training - 5 hours, Average Total Flight Training - 10 hours.